The fuss around our new Mommy collection still hasn't settled, and we have already prepared more new arrivals for you to love. As the warm spring sun inspires us and awakens us from our winter slumber, we hope that we will manage to transfer some of our enthusiasm and joie d'vivre to you via our colorful and elegant bags. Without further ado, we proudly present the bags perfect for spring of 2022 :)


Elza is an elegant firm bag with magnet buckles and an embellished flap. In order for you to fit anything you need inside, it has two separate compartments for perfect organisation. The bag comes with a short handle and a longer belt in the colour of the bag – colours available being blush pink or pistacio green. Of course, you can mix and match there colours with a gold or silver chain.


For all those who prefer a more flexible bag in form, we got you covered with Daisy, a soft bag with a magnet buckle. Aside from the two interior compartments, there is also a practical zipped compartment perfect for securing trinkets you want to keep safe. The chain is universal size and  comes in a gold or black variant; while the bag itself boasts vibrant spring colours – yellow or purple.  



Leona is proof that you can have an elegant bag that is also soft and comfortable. Whether it's a classic beige or more daring blue, this bag looks timeless, has a spacious interior and a practical pocket on the front. It comes with a shorter handle and a longer bag-coloured belt, while the metal parts can be golden or black.


For bucket bag lovers we have Nola, a soft bage with lace closure. In the front of the bag there is a pocket for easy access to things we most commonly reach for. It comes in three colours – black, beige or blush pink, and it is wearable via a shorter handle or a longer adjustable bag-coloured belt.


Our final new arrival is a small chic bag named Joy.  It is soft and flexible, has a zipper closure and a practical pocket – and best of all, it comes in no less than four colours. You can choose between emerald green, sky blue, fuchsia pink or classic beige. A longer belt comes in the colour of the bag, but it can also be worn with a shorter chain in a gold or black variant.


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