Discover the New SUMMER GLOW Collection: Perfect Models for this Summer

Discover the New SUMMER GLOW Collection: Perfect Models for this Summer

As the sun shines and temperatures rise, the new My Lovely Bag summer collection arrives to bring you a refreshing glow that will elevate your style during the summer months. Golden and silver shades intertwine with summer outfits, creating an irresistible aesthetic that will remind you of carefree summer moments.

The summer collection consists of 12 beautiful handbags, including 5 completely new models and one favorite model in a new color. These incredible pieces combine high-quality faux leather with enchanting details.

The first model in this collection is AURORA. This handbag is special because it's made from high-quality faux leather in a woven mesh version. It comes in beautiful gold and silver colors, and the strap is a combination of faux leather and metal. The dimensions of this model are 30x19x9cm, and it comes with a shorter strap of 78cm and a longer strap of 117cm.

If you're looking for a smaller version of Aurora, there's AURORA BABY. This charming model is also made from the same material and comes in gold and silver. It has the same combined faux leather and metal strap. The dimensions are 24x16x7cm, and the shorter strap is 78cm in length, while the longer strap is 117cm.
For all lovers of elegance, there's the ARIA model. This handbag is perfect for summer. It also comes in two colors – gold and silver. You can wear it by the handle, over your shoulder, or across your body. The dimensions are 23x17x10cm, and the strap length can be adjusted from 64cm to 109cm.
AMARIE is a handbag that will charm you with its embossed material. It's available in three colors – black, beige, and powder pink. You can choose between silver and gold metal on the bag, allowing you to personalize it to your style. The dimensions are 30x19x9cm, and the strap length is 125cm.
For a fresh touch, there's the ALBA model. This handbag comes in two colors – fuchsia and beige, and also in denim blue. It can be worn in three ways: by hand using the handle, over your shoulder, or across your body. You can choose the metal details in silver or gold.
And for all lovers of classic style, the well-known LARA arrives in black. It comes with a longer strap for crossbody wear and a shorter chain. It fastens with a magnet and has an inner pocket for small items. The metal details can be silver or gold. The bag's dimensions are 19x15x8cm.

The new summer collection combines style, practicality, and radiance, providing you with handbags that will become an essential addition to your summer collections.

Choose your favorite model and bring radiance to every moment this summer.

Shine with My Lovely Bag!