Our favourite season is here – we just can't decide whether we prefer sunny days and lounging in the shade with an ice cold drink, or starry nights filled with good times, dancing and waiting for the sunrise.  Similarly, we think you will have a hard time deciding which of our beauties from the new collection inspired by exotic summer resorts will keep you company in all your day and night outings. Luckily, all of them are versatile enough to fit you perfectly in any occasion, whether you are a night owl or prefer the daytime :)


First up is our Ibiza Star i Ibiza Star Baby, which is true to its name as the star of this collection. It is available in two sizes so as to fit all of you who like smaller as well as somewhat bigger bags. This is a double bag connected via a zipper with a flap and a stunning metal decoration. These metal elements can be gold or anthracite. The bag comes with three belts: a long faux leather belt for crossbody wearing, a medium sized belt comprised from a metal chain and material, and a short strap used for wrapping around your hand joint. With all these different belts, the bag has a high transformative quality to look just as nice both in urban casual, as well as formal occasions. Accordingly, Ibiza Star will amplify your look in black, pink and white; while Ibiza Star comes in beige, blush and orange.


Moving on from Ibiza to Saint Tropez, where we find a small to medium sized bag with an elegant handle. It is a sturdy bag with a unique metal decoration on its flap. The belt is comprised of a gold or anthracite chain and a faux leather shoulder support. As for the colours this bag comes in, you can find it in croco beige and white.


We haven't forgotten about all of you who like our bucket bags, therefore we present to you Capri Love, a bucket bag with a flap embellished by a metal decoration spelling LOVE, befitting the summer season which is the most beautiful time for love. This bag has a long belt comprised of faux leather and a metal chain, as well as a short faux leather handle. It comes in beige or black, and the metal elements can be gold or anthracite.

Monte Carlo is the biggest bag in our new collection, and ready to be worn in many different occasions – shopping, the office, the beach... It comes in beige colour with pink handles, or pink with black handles. Included with the purchase is a cosmetic bag in the same colour as the bag handles, its primary purpose being the safety of personal belongings within the bag. Of course, it can be used independently as well.  


As always, follow us on social networks for all the news, and we can't wait to be a part of your beautiful summer outfits :)