It's Time for a New Handbag!

It's Time for a New Handbag!

It's Time for a New Handbag! This winter, we're bringing back some old models in a new style.

To start with, we'd like to introduce your two undeniable favorites - ELOISE and EDEN. Both models come in a stunning cognac color.

As you already know, EDEN is a larger bag (31x23x14 cm). The bag has an eye-catching handle on the flap for carrying by hand, but it also comes with an adjustable strap for crossbody wear. It's incredibly elegant and subtly designed, with a high level of efficiency, making it easy to fit into any business ensemble.

Moving on to ELOISE - a small bag that you need in your collection. It comes in five different colors (red, black, pink, beige, and cognac brown). It has a very distinctive, slightly trapezoidal shape. Eloise comes with a handle for hand-carry and a shoulder strap. This bag will undoubtedly turn heads whether you're strolling down the high street or by the waterfront. Eloise is the kind of bag that can elevate even the most basic outfit to a whole new level.

Dimensions: 20x15x9 cm

Next in line is EVELYN in a new snakeskin style, or rather, two of them. We now have Evelyn in three different snakeskin patterns. You can find the new Evelyn in Gold Snake and Burgundy Snake variations.

Dimensions: 27x14x11 cm

Following that is ELZA - an elegant, sturdy-shaped bag with a magnetic clasp and a striking decoration on the flap. With this bag, you don't need to worry about whether everything you need will fit inside. For better organization, the bag has two separate compartments inside. You can carry it with the shorter handle or the longer strap that matches the color of the bag you choose. The bags come in two combinations - with a gold or silver chain. They are available in three new colors: black, ochre, and burgundy, and also in beige, powdery pink, and pistachio green.

Dimensions: 27x21x11 cm.

A timeless-looking bag with a spacious interior and a practical pocket on the front – of course, we're talking about the well-known LEONA. It comes with a short handle and a longer strap in the color of the bag, and the metal parts can be either gold or black.

Dimensions: 29x18x12 cm

Next up, we have the CITY BAG. Another bag that can fit everything you need for a day in the city. Due to its dimensions, it's perfect for all businesswomen. It can be carried by hand or over the shoulder. In addition to the new olive color, it's also available in black again. Hurry and grab your City Bag.

Dimensions: 32 x 25 x 10 cm

Apart from the new bags, take a look at the new wallets as well.