If you have been following our social networks, certain new arrivals featured in our stories and feeds must have caught your eye, but you couldn't find them in our store? Well, they are here and ready to shine with you, and other than the the little sneak peek you already saw, we have a lot more to show you in the following post :)


The little bag you have been asking about the most - perfect for prom nights, confirmations, weddings, nights out - DIVA GIRL LOVELY.  It is soft, comfortable and compact, and comes in 10 amazing different colours ranging from neutrals to vivids, as well as animal prints, meaning everyone can find their perfect DIVA GIRL LOVELY. Of course, each of the colours comes with a choice of gold or black chain colour, so it is even more adjustable to you and your unique style. 

Our spring, repeatedly sold out collection wowed you so much that we simpy had to add a few more colours to our most popular bags. Along with a palette of vivid colours JOY bags came in so far, we decided to add neutral black and white variants for women who prefer classic styles, or those who simply don't want to think about whether their bag is going to clash with their outfit, because these two beauties go with everything. Same can be said of DAISY, a simple, yet timeless bag which gave a dash of yellow and purple to your style, and is now available in black and beige as well.  


Knowing how much you love beige bags, we now have our ELZA in beige, in addition to the beloved blush and pistacio versions. With its firm body and elegant appearance, this bag is a staple for lovers of minimal style. 


If you have been following our collections for some time, you probably remember the star of our last year summer collection – JOLIE, a small rectangular soft bag ideal for summer nights out, available in a spectrum of colours. And if you haven't come across it yet, don't worry, it's never too late to meet your new favourite bag. JOLIE now comes in Royal black and beige, ready to incorporate in any style, and its size will make sure it will not get in the way of your walks, dancing or any other summer activity that comes to mind :) 

Finally, the bag you also love very much and keep asking about it – NOELLA. So far it was available in black, light and dark beige so we decide do indulge all of you who live for everything pink (you know who you are :) ) and made NOELLA in a soft blush shade, and of course also ready to mix and match with either a gold or black chain.


As always, keep following us on social networks for all news and giveaways, and make sure to tag us when you shine with one of our bags because we love your pics :)