Sports Bags by My Lovely Bag: Style and Practicality for Active Women!

Sports Bags by My Lovely Bag: Style and Practicality for Active Women!

If you're a fan of sports activities and want to stylishly accompany your adventures, this is the perfect collection for you.

We'd like to thank our dear @chanellanny for becoming the face of this campaign. She is an incredible woman who pushes boundaries and acts as an inspiration and support to women throughout the region! Her passion for sports activities and positive energy inspire us to create a collection of bags that will meet all your needs.

Our My Lovely Bag sports collection offers 5 unique bag models designed to make organizing and carrying your equipment easier. Whether you're active in running, hiking, working out, or simply love an active lifestyle, we have the perfect bag for you!

Let's start with the products from the sports collection:


If you need more space for equipment or are preparing for a long sports weekend, a large sports bag is the perfect choice. Its versatile design allows you to carry this bag by hand or over your shoulder. It's also made of durable materials, so it will withstand various adventures. You can find it in three colors: black with beige handles, light pink with black handles, and light pink with beige handles.


Dimensions: 50x28x24


This bag is the perfect companion for travel or shorter sports activities. It's spacious enough for your clothing and shoes, and it also has internal compartments for organizing smaller items. Thanks to comfortable handles and an adjustable strap, carrying is easy and practical.


Dimensions: 52x24x24


The basic shoulder bag provides the ideal combination of functionality and style. The spacious interior allows you to easily pack all the essentials, whether you're going to the gym or for training. It's available in two classic colors: black and pink. The timeless design of these colors makes it easy to match the bag with different outfits.

Dimensions: 32x40cm


The perfect waist bag for all your basic needs during exercise or running. It's designed with a practical compartment for your phone, keys, and wallet. It comes in four colors that will delight you: black, lilac, light blue, and mint green.

Dimensions: 29x13cm


If you want more space for your items, choose this waist bag. It's ideal for longer runs or hiking, and thanks to the adjustable strap, you can also wear it over your shoulder.

  1. Dimensions: 30x16cm

When it comes to sports equipment, durability and practicality are key factors, and we've made sure our bags meet these important criteria.

By using durable materials, we ensure that the bags can withstand various conditions and challenges often encountered during sports activities and travel. Whether you're in the gym, running, or hiking, you can be confident that your My Lovely Bag will endure and last.

In addition, washable materials ensure easy bag maintenance. When the bag gets dirty, you can simply wash it to preserve its fresh and clean appearance. This allows you to always look impeccable, no matter how many activities you do.

Our commitment to quality and functionality makes the My Lovely Bag sports collection the perfect choice for all your sports needs. Thanks to durable and washable materials, our bags will accompany you through many adventures and stay in great condition.